Founded in 1987, Baer Energie & Messtechnik is the go-to specialist for communications and energy measurement solutions. Our products are used in industry and by energy providers around the world.

We believe that the challenge of our generation can only be met by better control and reduced energy consumption and that you can only do that when you have a clear picture of what’s actually happening. That’s why we develop meter data capture and transmission technologies that give our customers a clear and accurate insight into their energy consumption in real time.

It’s not only energy efficiency that is driving change. Social and technological developments, such as eMobility, together with industry deregulation are increasing competition and forcing companies to focus on new business models. Whether you’re dealing with electricity, gas or water, building energy management or district heating,  our products and expertise can help you maximise these new opportunities and the revenue streams that they offer.

Full service, complete peace of mind

At Baer, we don’t just stop at supplying products. In addition to consulting and planning services, we offer a complete range of installation, commissioning, documentation, training and maintenance services. Whether it’s a completely new installation or modification to an existing system. All under one roof from the people that know the products best. So you can rest assured you’ll get the most from your systems.

A wealth of knowledge

We draw on a team of experts offering you unparalleled knowledge in energy metering systems. The company is led by Managing Director, Andre Wankelmuth, formerly CMO and board member of Utonomy Ltd and Global Director of Industry Marketing at Itron.

Expanding horizons:
our partners

Our international partners enable us to provide you with a range of products and services that complement and extend the possibilities of our offering.

Based in The Netherlands,  gAvilar is a specialist in the design, construction and installation of gas pressure regu-lating and measuring equipment. These include regulators,  shut-off valves,  safety equipment and volume convertors,  as well as complete pressure reduction and biomethane feed-in stations. As a distributor for Gavilar’s products in Germany,  they provide an ideal complement to our range, enabling us to offer our gas network customers a full spectrum
of products.

ENER-IQ develops software solutions for transparent and efficient heat generation. Their “digital boiler room” system processes and automatically analyses heating systems in real-time allowing energy usage to be optimised and CO2 emissions to be reduced. In addition, predictive maintenance functions ensure that service and repair operations are a carried out in a timely fashion. Our collaboration with ENER-IQ is the perfect solution for cus-tomers in building technology services who want to ensure efficient, transparent and resource-saving operation.

co2online is a non-profit consulting company for climate protection. Active since 2003, the organisation helps private households conserve energy and reduce their CO2 emissions. Over 40 energy and communication experts combine specialist know-how and empirical analyses with targeted online communication. With online information campaigns, energy saving checks, competitions and field tests. Co2online is supported by the European Commission, the German Environment Ministry and a network of partners from the media, science and industry.