Every pulse counts

A new year, new goals, new brand.

We’d like to introduce BAERIS.

In future, under the BAERIS umbrella, you can look forward to services and solutions together with the associated hardware and software in the same outstanding quality you’re used to from baer. Clear, goal-oriented and powerful. So that you can achieve your goals even better.

When the pulse is racing and things are on the limit, outstanding results call for outstanding performance. Which is exactly what you can expect from Baer energy metering products.

Our customers benefit from unparalleled knowledge in data capture and logging for energy metering applications. Whether it’s for energy generation and distribution, manufacturing and processing industries or building technology. Our tried-and-tested portfolio of relays, data loggers and modems provide secure, reliable and accurate metering data using de facto energy industry standards to ensure compatibility and ease of installation in a wide range of applications.

Metering that energy suppliers can count on

Baer communications, data capture and logging solutions are in use with energy companies around the world. From energy producers to network operators and meter operators. Whether it’s gas or electricity, water supply or district heating applications, our proven technology and experience has made us the go-to company for energy metering. Our customers know that they can rely on our products for control and billing. Because when your revenue depends on how much you meter, every pulse counts.

Measurement and control that stands up to the needs of industry

From remote monitoring of renewable energy installations, such as wind or solar, to metering energy consumption of manufacturing processes or eMobility, Baer products give you the flexibility you need. Reliable, accurate and easy to install, our  data communications and control products including LTE capable modems, economical SCADA systems and tailor-made solutions are compatible with industry standards and fulfil the demanding needs of industrial applications.


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A solid foundation for energy-efficient building services

Buildings account for around 40% of global energy consumption while contributing 30% towards total CO2 emissions. Baer’s data capture and logging products provide building environment monitoring and energy metering that provide data and analytics you need to enhance energy efficiency. And because they’re vendor-independent, integration is simple.


At Baer, we design our products to fulfil the needs of the widest-possible range of customers, regardless of the installed base we connect to or the type of application. From gas and electricity networks to water utility and district heating applications, we offer multi-vendor support for the greatest degree of compatibility with your installed architectures. Our support for industry-standard communication interfaces, from M-Bus and RS485 to Modbus means that you can simply plug in to even the most hybrid of energy applications with minimum effort. Suitable for smart and conventional meters, Baer products give you fit-and-forget reliability.