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New Requirements
The ideas of empowerement and taken over responsibility to strengthen and optimize businesses have spread all over the world. Many energy markets have got deregulated or are about to explore these new possibilities. Liberalisation commenced and made the markets more oriented towards competition. With these changes many more players are interested in meter values which represent the cash machine for the participating companies. Intelligent Automated Meter Reading Systems (I-AMR) retrieve these data from different sources, process them in new formats like bilance circles or synthetic load profiles.

Different requirements and different traditions have created different and often not compatible metering devices. However, the new market requires to handle all this equipment and to process the data in an easy way correctly and fast.

New solutions      
Within the liberalised market a new relationship between power consumer and utilities has developed. The consumer turned into a customer and could suddenly choose one utility to serve all his branch companies spread over the country instead of negotiating with multiple local utilities. Furthermore the required different forms of energy e.g. electricity, heat, gas and water can now be retrieved, processed, displayed and exported within one single system.

The changes in the energy market represented a major challenge for the company baer Many requirements wanted to get packed into one systern. Starting with the definition of the needed meters and their parameterization, continuing with the communication infrastructure and ending with a system to retrieve and to process meter data. The handling of all processes and data needed to be simple and safe. This was the task we were on to.

We have combined our experiences in deregulated markets with the enhanced possibilities of latest technological developments into one system. We offer to the energy market a systern which begins with the planning and specification and ends with the commissioning and accuracy testing of highprecision meters. In many successful applications and installations in demanding and future oriented international markets, like the United Arabic Emirates or Malaysia the customers have appreciated our profound expertise and excellent service.

Product Portfolio

    SIGLON software:
developed for changing market conditions.
SIGLON supports all format with the metering business. Protocols have been implemented which support all different energy formats. Each energy type or value can be assigned to an own data-channel which can be processed or combined with other data-channels to new virtual or synthetical metering points. Protocols like dlms, VDEW2.0 (IEC 62056-21), Mod-Bus, etc. are integrated into SIGLON. Real time systerns can be provided with actual data each minute. Displays can be automatically updated and show customized pictures, like single-Iine diagrams.
SIGLON supports and optimizes multiple communications types and lines.
SIGLON exports data with a simple to use export driver.
SIGLON contains a rights management system to enable access to the right data of the right time period by the right person or organisation.
SIGLON's man machine interface (MMI) can be customized to allow individual and easy handling.

The complete service
Planning, consulting, installation, commissioning, documentation, training and the maintenance of the complete systern, this is all carried out by one hand; this is the unsurpassed service by baer.

Existing meter data can be transferred into the new systern. Commissioning can use existing infrastructure or add new ones. Accuracy tests of highprecision meters can be performed on site with certified test equipment. On site training for systems and hardware show the best results with training on the job. Our maintenance people secure care free use of the system for many years to come.


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