We extend our portfolio – with gas products

As a distributor for Gavilar’s products in Germany,  their gas products provide an ideal complement to our range, enabling us to expand our portfolio and offer a full spectrum of gas products and complement them with our modems towards complete systems.

Based in The Netherlands,  gAvilar is a specialist in the design, construction and installation of gas pressure regulating and measuring equipment. These include regulators,  shut-off valves,  safety equipment and volume converters,  as well as complete pressure reduction and biomethane feed-in stations: https://www.gavilar.nl/en/

High-End volume converter
The gAVC 1200 is a high-end low power electronic gas volume conversion device with special consideration given to quick and user friendly installation. With a low power consumption of the EVCD the battery lifetime is up to 15 years. The gAVC 1200 can be built to customer specific requirements, from a standard battery powered device (TZ or PTZ) to an advanced multi-functional state of the art Flow Computer.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • User friendly
  • Compliant with MID approval
  • Long battery lifetime

The gAVC 1200 can be ordered directly from us – as a single device or installed on a rotary meter connected to our LTE modems as complete system. Please contact us for more details. Short delivery times are possible.

For download of the product flyer please click this link: product brochure gAVC-1200 . For detailed Information please contact our sales under vertrieb[at]baer-emt.de