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Our Special Product Family

Üwasys / Control System for counter assembles

The control units using the 19" housing format serve to control transformer voltages, signal processing and in- and output terminals, and in alarm switching system selection. There are a variety of customer specified models possible. The above graphic is only one, of many, possibilities. There are various operating voltage ranges available, AC / DC or DC / DC, with automatic voltage supply switching that can be used. Since our control units are produced to customer specification, there are a large number of available possibilities. There are many possible combinations for the individual components.


Switching Cabinet Installation


Switching Cabinet Installation

Complex tasks in the area of telecounting can only be solved through the use of a variety of equipment. One example is the forwarding of counter output over a long distance through the use of signal isolation relays.

For this we offer the installation of this equipment in one switching cabinet complete with internal wiring of the individual appliances and connecting the individual signals over terminal strips.

The individual requests of our customers will always be at the focus of our planning.

We naturally also offer the assembly of individual appliances in one switching cabinet with pivoting frames designed for 19"-equipment from the Rittal company with a height of between 3 HU and 40 HU. Three HU corresponds to the height of a DATA FW or an ÜWASYS.


Watchdog Box WD-USB


The Watchdog-Box WD-USB can be used to check on programs if they are still running and being “active” or if they have been stopped by internal or external events.

The special customer advantage is to be able to control a specific program of being “alive” independent of the operating system. So a “hung up” program can be detected easily and quickly, even if the operating system is still working correctly.

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Computer-Watchdog CWD01


The BAER Computer-Watchdog-Box CWD01 is a convenient way to monitor a connected device for correct function. To do this the CWD01 is looped into the power supply line of the device to monitor. If it does not receive an "alive" message for a given time via its RS485 interface, it breaks the supply for an adjustable time, causing a hard reset. The box is intended to work with an embedded PC operating in a control cabinet. Power supply: 11..32VDC, maximum load: 5A.

Our software products SIGLON and Meter2SCADA are prepared for use with the CWD01.

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Counter Supervision Measuring Set




The ZMÜ 02 counter measuring mechanism control provides for continuous monitoring of pairs of counters.

There are two types of control available:
- Temporary control: differences with-in a specified time period
- Long term control: time-independent differences based on the setting of the counter values

Differences exceeding the set tolerances will activate alarm signals.

For details see the Product List at the Downloadarea


Special utensilies, testing instruments aso.
Special utensilies


Per example Memory Card Reading Module, Telecounting Test Unit, RS-Box laboratory adapter.


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