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Our Product Family
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Communication Devices (Modems)


Product Family Universal Modems

The solution for data communication

The different devices of our UniMod family support transparent data communication with all needed different interfaces to the data source devices and all communication capabilities to the central station. The applications define the best way to communicate adapted to location and metering device.

Metering points of all energy types in industrial or commercial areas can deliver data fast and secure to utilities for billing or control. Industrial users appreciate the possibility to use the or to distribute energy cost. Using a transparent communication mode all renowned data retrieval software can be used.

Our new combination of communication device and LAN improves the cost efficiency and speedy communication.

The UniMod family consists of the following devices:
- GSM/LTE-Communication Device
- PSTN-Communication Device
- LAN-Communication Device (Ethernet)


DATA LOGGER / Telemetering System, (Last profile memory)

Product Family DATA LOGGER

The DLX has been developed as a powerful tool for local registration and evaluation of meter pulses. These can originate from energy meters, flow meters etc. The computed values are stored internally and can be transmitted to a remote central station via different interfaces and communication protocols. The data interface serves for local data inquiry using appropriate PC software or for connecting an external modem. Using the modem interface it is possible to connect the internal modem to the telephone network in order to read out the billing values remotely by PC. The service interface is used for setting the computation parameters by PC. Read-out is possible, too. For security reasons, the contents of the internal data buffers and a part of the device parameters can be saved on a standard PCCard. This card can be read by any PC equipped with a PC-Card drive.
The DLX are certified by German Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB-publication No. 3785).

Data Logger



Product Family Relays

There are numerous applications for relays in Telemetering Technique. They are necessary for the conversion of pulses from one form into another (e.g. S0 into bipolar current), for multiplying individual pulses and distributing them to multiple receivers (customer / public utility company) or for pulse value modulation (150 pulses / kWh to 100 pulses / kWh). Some of our relays offer all three applications combined into one unit.

10 series into different housing types.




Product Family Software

SIGLON for the deregulated market place, processing, display and export of meter data.


M-Bus / RS485


Product Family M-Bus / RS485

The M-Bus system is a data transmission system for acquiring, evaluating, optimizing and controlling energy and processing data. Modular components permit networking of a large number of different energy meters and computercontrolled terminals. The high degree of noise immunity, even in noisy environments, ensures reliably and error-free measured value transmission. Via modem interfaces, it is also possible to cover large distances to connect modular expansions or complex substation systems. The M-Bus system is the system preferred by operators supplying numerous consumers (e.g. industry and technology parks, trade fairs, building managements, etc.).


Special Products
Special Products


Special Product Family

Control System for counter assembles
The control units using the 19" housing format serve to control transformer voltages, signal processing and in- and output terminals, and in alarm switching system selection. There are a variety of customer specified models possible. The above graphic is only one, of many, possibilities. There are various operating voltage ranges available, AC / DC or DC / DC, with automatic voltage supply switching that can be used. Since our control units are produced to customer specification, there are a large number of available possibilities. There are many possible combinations for the individual components.

Switching Cabinet Installation
Complex tasks in the area of telecounting can only be solved through the use of a variety of equipment. One example is the forwarding of counter output over a long distance through the use of signal isolation relays. For this we offer the installation of this equipment in one switching cabinet complete with internal wiring of the individual appliances and connecting the individual signals over terminal strips. The individual requests of our customers will always be at the focus of our planning. We naturally also offer the assembly of individual appliances in one switching cabinet with pivoting frames designed for 19"-equipment from the Rittal company with a height of between 3 HU and 40 HU. Three HU corresponds to the height of a DATA FW or an ÜWASYS. The frame manufacturer can provide additional accessories (e.g. various fastening systems and, especially for larger cabinets, air conditioning, cabinet lighting and much more). For further information please request the catalogue, “Complete Solutions - installation of equipment in switching cabinets“, available from us.

Production of low volume special devices.



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