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Modem for 4G cellular networks UniMod LTE

                UniMod LTE

PDF-Files UniMod LTE Manual (size  1.5M)
PDF-Files UniMod LTE Flyer (size  311K)
PDF-Files Antennas für UniMod GSM/LTE Modems (size  130K)

IPTBridge ZFA over IP

Brief Description

The world-wide radio networks provide besides digital voice communication the possibility to transmit data. Data SIM-Cards for M2M applications (machine-to-machine) are optimally designed for professional data use. The universal radio modem UniMod LTE is supposed for remote inquiry of measurement data of any kind, especially however for telecounting applications. Optionally, a fault or status message can be queried or a switching command can be sent. The UniMod LTE supports the following modes:

  • Client mode for meter data communication according to DIN 43863-4 (IP-Telemetry), optionally with encryption (TLS version 1.2)
  • Server mode with static IP address and VPN access

Housing outline drawing


The UniMod LTE can be used in LTE (Long Term Evolution / 4G: fourth generation) network with an arbitrary number of providers. It requires however the infrastructure for operating mobile. An existing LTE infrastructure with corresponding frequency ranges is one of the basic requirements. If LTE coverage is missing, the radio modem automatically switches to UMTS (3G) or GPRS (2G) (fallback technology). The modem supports an interface for Micro-SIM-Cards. For communication is the provision of a SIM-Card with data tariff needed.


The UniMod LTE is equipped with a built-in RS485 2-wire interface. Other interface standards can be realized by plugging the appropriate interface module. Currently the following modules are available:

  • CS (20 mA current loop) interface module, active (supplies current) or passive
  • RS232 interface module (uses signals RxD, TxD, CTS, RTS, GND)
  • RS485 2-wire module
  • RS485 4-wire module
  • M-Bus active module (can supply up to 20 devices)
  • M-Bus passive module

Communication is possible with many standard protocols, like DLMS, IEC1107, VDEW2+, Modbus, M-Bus, IEC60870, SCTM, LSV1 etc. (transparent reading)

Technical Data
Housing: Wall-mounted housing according to DIN 43861-2
Degree of protection: IP52 (IEC)
Dimensions: B = 105 mm,
H = 179 mm,
T = 72 mm
Protection class: 2
RoHS compliant: yes
Supply voltage: 80VAC to 270VAC (50/60Hz) or
60VDC to 375VDC
Optional: 10VDC to 36VDC (0,8A)
Power consumption:

4VA max.

Temperature range:

-40°C to 75°C (operational)
-40°C to 85°C (storage temperature)

Interfaces: One internal interface (on-board):
- RS485 2 wires
Optionally one extra interface by pluggable module:
- RS232 (supports signals RxD, TxD, RTS, CTS, GND)
- CS (20mA, current loop) active (can supply 4 meter max.) or passive
- RS485 2 wires
- RS485 4 wires
- M-Bus active: can supply 20 devices max.
Display: 14 LEDs: GSM, 4 radio signal strength, 2G, 3G, 4G, TLS, IPT, Rx, Tx, INF and power
Radio unit: Telit 910-EU V2 module with SIM-Card interface
Fully type approved conforming with R&TTE / GCF directive
SIM-SIM-Card: Micro-SIM (3FF, Mini-UICC), 3V, 15mm x 12mm
Approval: RED (Radio Equipment Directive) – 2014/53/EU
Radio bands: LTE / 4G: B1(2100MHz), B3(1800MHz), B7(2600MHz), B8(900MHz), B20(800MHz)
UMTS / 3G: B2(2100MHz), B8(900MHz)
GPRS / 2G: B3(1800MHz), B8(900MHz)
Transmission rate UniMod LTE to connected meter: 300 to 38400 bit/sec (fixed baud rate)
Data format: 7E1, 8N1, 8E1
Output power: LTE / 4G: Class 3 (0,2W, 23 dBm)
UMTS / 3G: Class 3 (0,25W, 23 dBm)
GPRS / 2G: Class 4 (2W) für GSM 900, Class 1 (1W) für DCS 1800
Antenna jack: 50 Ohm SMA (f)
Extent of delivery: - UniMod LTE including interface module as ordered
- Standard antenna: magnetic foot antenna with SMA (m),
cable: 5m RG174
- Operation manual
Accessories: - Parameterization adapter with USB port (#12823)
- Antenna for special purposes
- Additional interface modules
- Suspension eye (#9141)
- Software UniModSet

UniMod LTE housing outline drawing
Unimod Housing 1
Unimod Housing 2
Unimod Housing 3


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