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Bipolar Current Pulse Input (IED) Modul

   Bild IED   

Bipolar current inputs are passive inputs, meaning, that they are supplied by the pulse giver. This means that they are isolated elements. Bipolar current pulses are direct current pulses that change polarity with each pulse. Each 0V-Line cross-over will define a pulse. This can also be accomplished using a constant (not in pulse form) direct current. The polarity must be changed, thus providing the necessary 0V-Line cross-over, for each meter pulse.

24-Volt current is usually used, but may also vary from between 19V and 60V. The input current drawn by our electronic bipolar current inputs is less than 2mA (with 24V).

Since each meter pulse implies an input-polarity change IED modules internally produce a complete 90ms type pulse for each valence change. This must be taken into account in coordination with the maximum pulse frequency (< 7Hz). IED modules that produce 20ms type pulses are also available. They can be used with a pulse frequency of up to 30Hz.

Since bipolar current transmission is not easily interfered with, they are highly recommended for use with long transmission distances. Depending on the particular circumstances (other inductive sources in the vicinity, very long transmission distances, etc.), shielded cable or cable with larger cross section might still be recommended, if this is possible.

Functional block diagram

Functional block diagram IED
IED passive

Pin assignment and package outline

Pin assignment IED  
1  OUT  
3  UCC
4  GND
1  NA
2  NA
3  IN (–)
4  IN (+)

Recommended operating conditions and electrical characteristics

Galvanic isolation of input and output     yes
Voltage proof   > 4 kV
     MIN       TYP       MAX      UNIT  
Uin 18 24 60 V (DC)
Iin 5 mA
Input frequency    5 Hz
UCC 5 15 V (DC)
ICC 3 mA
tout 80 90 100 ms
Special order:        
Input frequency    30 Hz
tout 20 ms
Output complies with CMOS-Specifications

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