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Pulse Gear (pulse value modulator) Modul


Hardwaremodul GEAR 02,
Order-Number 00981

At some relays a pulse gear are hardware implemented.
For some relays the pulse gear module GEAR 02 are optional available.
At all Data Logger a pulse gear are software implemented.

The values of pulses can be changed using a pulse value modulator.

Example: A meter delivers 75 pulses per kWh. Each pulse is evaluated as 0.01333 kWh. When a relay with a pulse value modulator is added, then the resulting pulses can be given values of e.g. 0.01 kWh, which can be processed by adding simple tariff units to the system.

Example for Calculating the Pulse Value Modulator Settings

Pulse Constants:

RE   =   effective pulse constants
CZ = the meter's pulse constants
Pt = product of the transformer proportions


  meter pulse constant
  transformer proportion
  input pulse constant (after reduceing of numerator and denominator)


R    =   ratio
RA = desired pulse constant of the relay output
RE = input pulse constant (reduced)

Wanted: RA = 0,1 pulse/kWh

Reduce or expand together RA and RE to a whole number.
Notice:     Values for RA and RE must be given in whole numbers
R 1 !
Ratio values of more than "1" may not be used!

Examples for DIP-switch settings:
Numerator (Zähler) = 3, Denominator (Nenner) = 250
Recalculation for setting in binary (8-digit):

Numerator = 00000011, Denominator = 11111010 (1 = Switch "ON", 0 = Switch "OFF")

Examples for the 7FR5043, 7FR5071 and 7FR5072 relays:

Examples for GEAR 02
(in Relays 7FR5067, 7FR5073, ITR141 and ITR242):

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