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  • Clarification directly with the end customer
  • Modification on customer preference
  • Assembly and parameterization of the devices
  • System commissioning
  • Device- and system test

Accuracy check for high-precision meters


Today a modern meter matches more a special purpose computer and is not more comparable to a conventional mechanical meter. If a meter was manufactured and kalibrated for a special use, it wasn't possible to change the specifiation at the assembly area in the past.
Nowadays, meters can be manufactured and kalibrated but at a later date at the installation site they can be ajusted to the current requirements. Due to this is also the worry of many users about the correct parameterization and ajustment of the meter data (e.g. Current-/voltagetranformerratio, compensation factors for converters, etc.)
Baer offers a service, which is based on the legal IEC-standards checking and documenting the accuracy of the meters.

As a matter of course tests can be performed, if main- or checkmeter exhibits any unexpected difference or a failure of the meter is assumed.

The verification is done with our own source and state-of-the-art checking device class 0.02 from a well-known german manufacturer.


Education and workshops

Trainings are performed by our qualified personnel, who knows our products as well as the application conditions and the practical environment. So you are able to develop individual solutions for complex duties together with our customers. The participants learn the possible field of application and the functionality of our products. Parameterization, ajustment to altered circumstances and commissioning are essential elements. Normaly our trainigs take place in our own premises. It's also possible to hold the training at the customer's.


Switching Cabinet Installation


Every equipment has different requests, functions and interfaces. By assortment of the best suitable devices and technics, also from different manufacturers, the ideal solution is beeing drafted (specified, designed). The professional combination in the cabinet, the test and the commissioning, on demand directly at the place of installation, is managed by skilled project engineers.


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